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Ultra High Pressure Technology

When working at up to 58.000 psi operating pressure, the use of medium-quality working materials can become a major hazard. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to use only selected products and materials and thus ensure optimum protection for the user.

With our own hose assembly in our state of the art production facility - with test capacities up to 87.000 psi - with printout of test certificates with graphical pressure curve, we guarantee a maximum of flexibility and fast delivery.

All the articles we offer come only from reliable suppliers who apply the strictest quality assurance procedures in their production.

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The new HFH Hose ID Chips

With the new HFH hose ID chips you are able to get several information such as manufacturer, hose type, working pressure, serial number, fittings, last and upcoming test every time and everywhere and even after plenty of intense working hours. For that you only need your smartphone – even without an additional app.
Here we do not rely on a simple sticker or label, that would wear out during an intense operation, but on a stainless-steel ring with an integrated chip, that endures every operation in the long-term.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team for further information.