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Our sustainability mission statement

What do we mean by sustainability?

As a family-owned and owner-managed company, we aim to place the issue of sustainability at the centre of our actions. We expect the same from our stakeholders - first and foremost from our suppliers, customers and employees.

In doing so, we stand for responsible handling of human as well as natural and financial resources in order to secure the success of the company for the future. Here we create sustainable solutions in the areas of human resources, finance and environmental protection.

For us, sustainability means across the board:

  • To maintain trusting, fair and long-term relationships with employees, customers, suppliers and other partners.
  • To ensure the long-term success of the company with solid and constant growth and financial security.
  • To use the environment and its limited natural resources sparingly and responsibly.
  • Exclusively products with the highest level of quality and durability.
  • To be able to offer our value proposition also in the future with continuous investments in innovative technologies.

Our sustainability goals are reflected in the "UN Sustainable Development Goals".

In particular, we want to focus on the following six sustainability goals:

  • By providing specific remediation techniques to repair existing sewer networks and supplying the necessary materials to clean industrial facilities, we make a major contribution to reducing groundwater contamination. In our internal company processes, we reduce the use of water to the lowest possible amount and ensure appropriately safe storage of hazardous materials in specially sealed premises.

  • For us, a sustainable corporate policy requires the responsible use not only of natural resources, but also of human and financial resources. Our responsibility does not begin at our own doorstep or with our legal obligations. We also expect our business partners to respect humane working conditions and our own ethical and moral principles, and we make them the basis of our business relationships. We see economic and financial stability as the basis for the development of a sustainable future. This enables us and our partners to take long-term measures at all levels of sustainability.

  • For cities and municipalities in particular, environmental protection and sustainability should form an essential part of public action due to their exemplary function and great influence.

    Our products are perfectly suited for these endeavours, e.g. for water and sewage pipe rehabilitation. By using and installing our products, there is no need for heavy machinery to tear up entire streets to replace a defective pipe. Through minimally invasive procedures, sewers can be rehabilitated without large or lengthy construction measures.

    We also support the cleaning and maintenance of public and private sewers. In the meantime, the water used is recovered, cleaned and reused again and again.

    Through industrial cleaning with our hoses, waste is disposed of in the right places and reprocessed where possible.

    With the right work clothing, protective measures are taken and ensured for the health of the employees.

  • n our own production and assembly processes, we maintain a careful, conscious and responsible approach to material and immaterial resources. We only use and market high-quality products that have the longest possible service life. In addition, we reduce the impact on the environment by reducing incoming and outgoing transport distances and keeping supply chains short. Together with our suppliers, we strive to minimise packaging materials and we operate an effective waste management system.

  • The resources of our planet are finite.

    With this in mind, we want to set an example and distinguish our company through the sustainable use of environmental resources.

    There are plenty of incentives to revise and change existing production and consumption habits. We are converting more and more parts of our facilities and vehicles, so that we can make increasingly greater use of our photovoltaic system. This means that we not only use 100 % greenhouse gas emission-free electricity, but also spare the public electricity grids for large parts of the year.

    The increased focus on the topic of circular economy is our benchmark. In addition to internal environmental resource management to increase material efficiency and utilise potential savings, we work together with our customers and suppliers to find solutions for us as well as for our customers.

    Furthermore, we are also directly and indirectly involved in protecting our environment and, above all, keeping our water resources clean with our products.

  • As a trading company, we see our actions as the intersection of our customers, suppliers and ourselves. We use our position to transport our values to all partners involved. We conduct these partnerships with the pursuit of long-term and sustainability for all parties.

    To meet our customers' needs, we offer them the highest level of product quality, as well as safety, responsibility and service. We strive to understand our customers better than the competition. This is the only way we can continue to guarantee our excellent service.

    We also select our suppliers according to the ideas of honesty, fairness, partnership and integrity that characterise us. Only in this way can they guarantee our strict quality standards to a high degree.

    In addition to these six prioritised goals, we are making our contribution to the following eleven UN Sustainable Development Goals with equal commitment and dedication:

    Our aspiration is to make our contribution to the highest degree so that our society can continue to live up to its leadership role in economic and social matters and secure it for future generations.

    We support the health of our employees with individual ergonomic solutions at the workplace as well as with a contribution to healthy nutrition. We enable our customers to achieve optimal personal protection with our products.

    We promote the principle of lifelong learning. In addition to constant further training in the form of external training, we operate concepts in which we train each other internally in our own specialist areas.

    Integrity is at the centre of our understanding of ethics and morals. Respect, tolerance and acceptance towards all people regardless of gender, origin and religion is a matter of course for us and the basis of our actions.

    With our photovoltaic system, we were pioneers in the field of clean energy supply. In summer, it provides us with energy self-sufficiency and moves us to use this form of energy in more and more places.

    We do not stand still. Our more than 125-year history has always been shaped by looking ahead. For this reason, we stand for innovation and the application of new technologies.

    Our employees define themselves through professional competence, qualification and motivation. Ultimately, however, optimal service is the result of teamwork. That is why our success is based on a strong team characterised by individual characters.

    By using clean technologies, we support the maintenance of our sewer networks as well as the cleanliness of our industrial plants. This secures diverse habitats worthy of protection on land and water, both directly and indirectly (distribution via groundwater). At the same time, we have made it our goal to transport this way of thinking and this awareness to our partners and to set a positive example.

    We are committed to acting in a morally correct manner and cultivating our values.