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We mourn the death of our director

Gottfried Osten
* 17-06-1939           † 20-03-2022

Visionaries and designers never die out. He was one of them.

Already in the early 60's of the last century, he recognised the upcoming challenges in municipal and industrial environmental technology. Thus he became one of the pioneers of a new era. After taking over the complete shares of our company at the beginning of 1992, he and his family developed it into the market leader and pioneer par excellence of an entire industry up to the present day. Prudence and foresight coupled with the magnanimity to let all those close to him share in his good fortune, but also the courage to make the right, if sometimes extraordinary, decisions at the right moment, characterised his style. He always led the way and others followed. He was thus both a lighthouse and an anchor for us. In this way, he gave us all security for the future and for this we are grateful to him on all sides and forever.

We will never forget you and you will always be with us.

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