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Industrial and Suction Hoses

When disposing liquid and nonliquid media, suction and pressure hoses need to meet high requirements. Hence, hose reliability is an absolute necessity for you and a surety in daily use. As our hoses need to pass the most diligent product selection process, they meet the highest quality standards in terms of wear resistance, abrasion resistance, shape stability, resistance to weather and durability. Depending on their application, these hoses must not only have a highly abrasion-resistant inner tube and an electrically conductive and wear-resistant cover but also ensure maximum flexibility and an optimal weight.

The combination of these features and the HF gland coupling system, that we helped to developed, is the reason why our hose lines for abrasive matter claim the position of quality leadership.

Relying on our constant dialogue with our customers, we have assembled an assortment that meets all the requirements stated above and is presented to you on the following pages.

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